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A Story of Legal Plunder

RED SEPTEMBER is a dramatic feature film, "based on true events," that tells the heroic story of the Congressmen who fought the Bailout of Wall Street in September 2008.


For the last four years, the mainstream media has repeated that the Bailout of Wall Street was necessary and that things are better now because if it. But this narrative is false, and RED SEPTEMBER explains why/.


Set on Capitol Hill, this movie project aims to show how principled congressmen fought the established powers for the sake of the American people. It's a David vs. Goliath battle between Main Street, on one side, and the Wall Street / K Street / Elite Suites alliance, on the other. Moviegoers will discover the shocking, inside story, based on two years of research and many off-the-record interviews with eyewitnesses Congressmen, both Democrats and Republicans.

In the spirit of MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, RED SEPTEMBER is an intense drama about character and leadership. It reveals how much our nation needs courageous, principled leaders who will not panic or fold under immense pressure. RED SEPTEMBER is a timeless story about the kind of character required to lead America out of her current political and financial crisis before it's too late.


If we want Congressmen who fight for us, we have to be willing to tell their stories.

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