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"A democracy cannot get at the truth without experience, and many nations perish for lack of the time to discover their mistakes." -- Alexis de Tocqueville

What Tocqueville observed almost two hundred years ago is equally true today. When democracy forgets its experience, it forgets the truth it discovered. The ramming of the 2008 Bailout of Wall Street through Congress, against the loud protests of the American people, slap-startled American democracy to the reality that Washington no longer represents the People. Rather, it steals from them. This knowledge led to protests and a change of the balance of power in Congress in 2010. But the momentum toward corruption, big government, entitlements, bailouts, etc, is so great, that only the concentrated effort of the American people over time can change it. But democracy can forget its experience. If it does, no matter the party in power, momentum against these evils will halt, and America will return to her self destructive course.

This is why we are making RED SEPTEMBER. RED SEPTEMBER is about anchoring action in principles. During those dark days of September 2008, the American people, by observing the actions of their leaders, saw clearly into the behavior of Washington as a system. The People now know their government represents special interests, not the People and not principle.

Our film will speak to the vacuum of principled high level leadership in both parties. It dramatizes exactly how special interest politics take away our freedoms, as well as the way national debt undermines our national sovereignty. It also supports halting the secularizing of our nation, upholding the Constitution, and encouraging the next generation to rise and take responsibility for their country. RED SEPTEMBER does explain the Bailout's powerful effect on our nation and on the world, as well as the cultural influences in America which let do the crisis. But, more importantly, we hope to inspire Americas to see that if we are faithful, we may once again see morning in America.


But most importantly, history must accurately remember what happened in September 2008. It is said that "Those who win the war write history." But we live in the time when that is no longer true. Anyone can write history, and those who know the truth most certainly should. With the powerful tools of modern media, and its ubiquitous availability to everyone, if the narrative that the Bailout was a good idea carries the day, or if September 2008 is twisted into false evidence that the work of the American people should be put up as collateral for Wall Street's failures and for the our leaders mismanagement of our nation, then whose fault is it? Who is to blame.


Those of us who new better, but did nothing. We who new the true story, but refused to tell it.

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